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Nashville, TN 37207

Hand Painted Wallpaper


From customizing the walls in your at home bathroom to targeting your audience with a customized mural at your coffee shop, boutique, or other business, hand painted wall paper and wall murals bring life into any room.


Every room has a story to tell

I love bringing a new world into a room. From whimsy design to classic inspired print, customized wall paper and wall murals bring a story into a room that wasn't there before. If it is a whimsy design, it can take you to another world, make you feel more creative in your own studio, or create a conversational piece for your guests. If it is a classic design, geometric and consistent, it can bring a sense of productivity and balance. 

   unique design


Every mural or hand drawn wall paper is unique and never recreated. 

From an initial sketch on paper to the final design, a customized wall paper or wall mural is designed around the room and the clients desired outcome. 

Twila Mural Smiling against ladder.jpg
Twila Mural Sitting on ladder.jpg

Want me to draw on a wall? Tell me your vision!

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Let me know a bit about your vision for your mural or hand painted wall paper and I'll be in touch soon :)