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Nashville, TN 37207

About Chandra Rae

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This is me...Chandra Rae.


I’m a self-taught pen and ink artist putting all my quirky daydreams and mental images onto paper. 

When I started creating art I had no idea what a beautiful part of my life it would become. It started out as a way of escape in one of my most difficult times. The lines and shapes that came out would take me to a different place when things were hard. Since the beginning, my creations have come from an intimate part of me.

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As I began to share my work, I found out two things:

  1. People really liked it
  2. It made me come alive to share my creativity with others

Creative exploration has become a daily part of my life and I’m beyond excited to share with you where I end up.

Consider this your invitation to join me on this journey of geometric shapes and whimsy. 

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